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I adore designing brochures! They are an excellent way to communicate more in-depth information about your business to potential clients.


They can be printed, less common these days but a great way to stand out in a world of digital information. It's a pleasant experience to give your eyes a well-deserved screen break and read through a real 'paper' brochure over a cup of coffee.


Alternatively, a brochure can be prepared as an interactive pdf or flipbook to email to your contacts or display on your website. This is a flexible, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution. If you'd like to change information frequently this makes sense.


I've worked with a wide variety of business sectors, so if you would like to see something specific, please get in touch.


Click on the images with an asterisk to reveal their full project showcase.

Would you like to share in-depth information about your business with a brochure?

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