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Logo and Brand DEVELOPMENT


After ten years, CIT needed a new brand and publicity materials to reflect its growth and to attract prestigious clients. Creative Sofa redesigned its disparate suite of materials to form a considered, cohesive, and striking new identity.


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DESIGN Direction

CIT's previous logo was not readily available or optimised for different circumstances. Creative Sofa redesigned the logo and optimised it for any situation. I created additional logos to incorporate their company slogan. Logo guidelines now ensure everything is consistent to help build brand recognition.

Previous promotional literature was text-heavy with inconsistent designs. It was hard to recognise the company it came from. Creative Sofa redesigned literature with more personality and shorter text. I built a consistent, recognisable brand with strict use of corporate guidelines. Imagery, icons, and graphics break up the text wherever possible to add interest.

I designed three promotional items for the 'Complete IT Manager' campaign – a concise A4 flier, an in-depth A5 booklet, and finally a fun 3D 'pop-up' box teaser.

Creative Sofa designed a collection of envelopes to mail out or give away. Each envelope promoted a specific service and contained a drinks sachet, chewing gum or herb seeds. The outer envelope design hinted at the final gift to create intrigue. Opening each envelope tab revealed more information about the service and clues about the small gift. The design becomes more on-brand as each tab opens, and the company logo and gift are in the middle of the envelope.


Logo design, brand guidelines, brochure design, newsletter design, seminar mailers, A4 fliers, branded T-shirt design, pop-up box mailers, and giveaway 'gift' envelopes.

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