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Logo and Brand DEVELOPMENT


With the same logo since the 60’s and plain text promotional letters sent to customers – it was time for a change for Ealing Trading, a consumer credit company. Creative Sofa created a striking brand and improved promotions by introducing copywriting and imagery to develop a successful series of mailers and branded materials over 10 years.


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DESIGN Direction

For the logo design, Creative Sofa provided various concepts in different styles. The final logo was a fresh twist on their familiar style, communicating a trustworthy yet approachable company.

We rolled out the new branding across all their materials over time. I chose stock illustrations, restyled and retouched them to create more bespoke imagery and add personality to their promotions.


I worked on over 130 projects for Ealing Trading, including logo design, letterhead design, compliments slips, business cards, mailer designs, promotional letters, payment cards, booklets, calling cards, website design, vouchers, ring binders, receipt books, terms and conditions, calculation sheets, competitions, mailshots, ‘recommend a friend’ leaflets, triplicate forms and interactive form design. Aside from design work, I organised their high-volume printing requirements.

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