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Portfolio: illustration

hertfordshire based illustrator

Illustrations can really bring a page to life. They make you look more approachable, down-to-earth, friendly and modern.

I’m a modest person, so blowing my own trumpet doesn’t come naturally, but I’ve been told to say I’m a rather talented illustrator. And creating wonderful drawings and cartoons for clients makes me happy!

In the past I’ve created illustrations for logo designs, to jazz up websites and reports, for children’s books and bespoke children's picture gifts.


As an illustrator, I work with all sorts of mediums and styles, sometimes combining them in order to create illustrations that are unique and memorable.

Quick on the draw

From cute to corporate, see below for examples of my illustrations.

illustration Skills

Digital illustration

Character design

Illustrated logos

Watercolour illustration

Illustration for Children

Pattern Design

Map illustration

Illustration for books

Pencil illustration

Pastel illustration

need an AMazing illustration?
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