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I love creating illustrations for clients ranging from character design to children's book illustrations, icons, maps, patterns and much more. You can see some client illustration work here. I also really enjoy experimenting with various styles, media and tools and creating art just for fun. This year I've had great fun at art classes trying out some new art techniques; Painting with a 'credit card', making wire sculptures and creating collages. I've also come back to techniques that I left behind in my student days, like lino cut printing.

I've discovered many new art supplies like acrylic paints and Indian inks, whilst trying not to spend a small fortune in new art goodies! Each term we cover a new theme like animals, or figurative drawing. I love that it's all about fun and trying something new and in only 90 minutes there's no opportunity to overthink things!

Here are just a few of my creations…


This was created using acrylics. I love the textures and really enjoyed using the 'credit card' technique to create the background. You can see various stages of the painting below.

Wire SCulpture DOG

This project was more 'endured' than 'enjoyed'. I have come to the conclusion that my little hands are too delicate to bend bits of sharp wire with! I am anyhow really pleased with the final results, but it took forever to get the ears to stay on and as for the legs, well this little doggy is quite good at rolling over!

Bird created with INDian INks

Really loved working with these super vibrant inks and splashing them onto the painting to create more interest.

Wellies and a handbag

As every little girl knows, wellies go very well with a pretty dress and handbag! This picture is created with acrylics on canvas and some ripped up magazines.


The balloon and skirt elements of this picture were cut and then stamped using printing inks.

CHarcoAl Pup

Whilst I love the freedom of charcoal I am not a great fan of actually 'touching' it which makes it a bit tricky to work with!

African Fabric Art

This picture involved the acrylic 'credit card' technique to create the background, some paper cutting for the figure and some burns with the glue gun (ouch) to add African printed fabrics for the outfit.

water colour fish

The background was created using water colours and clingfilm. Wax crayon was used to mask out some areas.

ST Albans Cathedral

Great fun was had splashing Indian inks to create this picture.

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