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Urban Sketching

During my recent city break I had a little spare time to indulge in some 'Urban Sketching'.

I followed the process of this great Skillshare Class on Urban Sketching.

1. Pencil Sketch

2. Inking with a fine line and brush pen

3. Water colouring and splattering

I had some great inspiration to choose from, in Porto, Portugal.

Unfortunately my brush pen ran out of ink so the black lines were not as bold and free as I would have liked. I used my very small, old, portable water colour box to set to work on the colours and the fun splatters. As always I think my final results could have been better!

I'd like to do a little more urban sketching, perhaps slightly more local as I am lucky enough to have some great landmarks nearby, however at home I don't seem to have as much time (Or sunshine!) I'd like to develop a more relaxed style and experiment with some more wacky and bright colours.

After a little more urban sketching I can't wait to try these two classes…

Urban Sketching Casa with Watercolours
Urban Sketching Douro

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